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6 November 2019 - WEDNESDAY - ARRIVAL DAY

19:00 - 21:00

Welcome drink / Get together - Sunset lounge bar - 9th floor

7 November 2019 - THURSDAY - DAY 1

8:30 - 9:30

Registration - Lobby of conference hall MARE 1

9:30 - 10:00

Welcome speeches / Conference opening - (3 x 10 min) - Conference hall MARE 1

10:00 - 10:30 Keynote 1

Nigel Morgan: VUCA challenges - Conference hall MARE 1

10:30 - 11:00 Keynote 2

Paulene J. Sheldon: New economics for tourism in the VUCA world - Conference hall MARE 1

11:00 - 11:30

Coffee break - Lobby of conference hall MARE 1

11:30 - 13:00 Parallel session

Renata Tomljenović: Tourism – a driver of social change?

Sebastian Filep: Examining kindness of strangers in tourism

Dilek Acar: Transformative travel experience of a solo female

Matea Hanžek: Student study abroad destination branding in the VUCA world: the case of Croatia

Cláudia Helena Henriques, Manuela Guerreiro and Júlio Mendes: Student study abroad destination branding in the VUCA world: the case of a private higher education institution in Croatia

Allegra Celine Baumann: Overtourism: The impact of cruise tourism on technical urban infrastructure systems in Dubrovnik

Neda Telišman Košuta, Neven Ivandić: Tourism and spatial identities: Policy implications

Jasenka Kranjčević: Planned rural settlements in the function of rural tourism development and spatial regeneration

Noni Kusumaningrum, Djoko Wijono: : Organic spatial planning in utilizing Breksi Cliff in Sambirejo for tourism activities

Helen Cripps: The Peasants are revolting? Online conversations about the impact of Game of Thrones on Dubrovnik

Ricardi S. Adnan: Social media create benefit and challenge on tourism side, a case study of tourist area in Indonesia

Ilma Aulia Zaim, Dimitrios Stylidis, Konstantinos Andriotis, Anthony Thickett: Social media as tourism information source: Understanding Indonesian millenials

Petra Barišić, Darko Prebežac, Mirela Kljajić – Dervić: Importance of traditional and social media in tourist destination choice – the case of Croatia

Mkateko Nkuna: The impact of digitalization on tourism marketing: A case of the Republic of South Africa

Medéia Veríssimo, Michelle Moraes, Zélia Breda, Alan Guizi, Carlos Costa: Overtourism and tourismphobia: A literature review

Jelka Tepšić: Governance response on a overtourism pressures in City of Dubrovnik

Patricia Pinto, Hio Kuan Lai, Pedro Pintassilgo: Overtourism- Impacts on residents’quality of life and emotional solidarity

Yulei Guo: The disappearing dogs: How tourism at Fazhan village influences the population of domesticated animal stakeholders

Agustin Ruiz Lanuza: Transformations of the urban landscape caused by tourism, the case of the city of Guanajuato in Mexico

13:00 - 15:00

Lunch - Elafiti Restaurant - 7th floor

15:00 - 15:30 Keynote 3

Stanislav Ivanov: The Economics of Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Service Automation in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality - Conference hall MARE 1

15:30 - 17:00 Parallel session

Flemming Sørensen, Jens Friis Jensen: Tourism entrepreneurship as practice

Stjepan Srhoj, Vanja Vitezić, Janette Walde: Public grants for service quality improvment – a lesson from new EU member state

Esperanza Suárez, Lourdes Susaeta, Frank Babinger: The organization of HR department in a cruise ship company: Duties, responsibilities and challenges

Irma Magaña-Carrillo, Rafael Covarrubias-Ramírez, Ileana Ochoa-Llamas: Comparative analysis of tourism business units in rural communities. Cases of Acatitán and Zacualpan, Colima, Mexico

Imran Shafique: Ethical leadership and service innovative behavior link in tourism industry: A moderated mediation analysis

Ksenija Tokić, Ivo Tokić: Libraries as New Tourism Resources for Destination Cultural Rebranding

Konstantinos Andriotis: Traveling artists’ roles: The case of Muralists, background and goals

Anna Farmaki, Alexis Saveriades: Women and Airbnb: Insights from female hosts and guests

Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy, Timo Becker, Miroslav D. Vujičić, Dimitrios Gkinis, Sarah Klausmann: Measuring the impacts of medium sized regional sport events – what’s in it for the community and can they contribute to sustainable development of a tourist destination?

Hiromi Kamata: The motivations of Taiwanese repeat visitors to Japan

Maheshvari Naidu: Gendered bodies in tourism: Women as cultural heritage artefacts

Erika Lourdes González Rosas: Festival Internacional Cervantino sociodemographic visitor’s profile and motivation to assist

Snježana Boranić Živoder: Gastronomy in Croatia: Opportunities for transformative tourism development

Maria Yamkovaya, Manuel Arcila, Filomena Cardoso Martins, Alfredo Izquierdo: Sustainable development of coastal food services

Carol Kline, R. Cody Rusher, Kelsey Merreck Wagner: YOLO: What Millennials and Post-Millennials think about eating animals

Wataru Uehara, Nuttapol Assarut: Foreign food consumption as extraordinary experience: A comparative study on the perceived value of Japanese and Thai consumers

Rikard Bakan, Dejan Tubić: Agritourism farms as stakeholders of gastronomy tourism experience

Anneli Haabu, Tatjana Koor, Tiina Viin:/strong>Development opportunities for destination marketing and management organizations: The case of Estonia

Belén Rodríguez Cánovas, Ester Martin-Caro:Latin-Asian based brand equity for Spain as a tourism destination

Vasil Marinov, Mariana Assenova, Vera Nikolova, Elena Petkova, Radenka Mitova, Atanas Kazakov, Chayana Istatkova: Typology of cultural heritage attractions in Bulgaria – Theoretical and management implications

Marietta Fragkogianni: Conceptualising the role of destination branding in transformative travel during financial crisis

Jadranka Gojtanić, Doris Peručić: Developing a competitive wellness tourism destination, the case of Istrian County

19:00 - 21:00

Social Programme – City tour

8 November 2019 - FRIDAY - DAY 2

10:00 - 10:30 Keynote 4

Chris Cooper: Tourism at the coast: past, present, future - Conference hall MARE 1

10:30 - 12:00 Parallel session

Blanka Šimundić, Lidija Petrić, Zvonimir Kuliš: The relationship between destination’s level of T&T competitiveness, socio-economic development and tourism performance – is it so obvious?

Lourdes Susaeta, Frank Babinger, Natalia Muñoz: Influence of limiting beliefs in employability skills: An analysis for the hospitality sector

Alenka Šuljić Petrc, Krešimir Mikinac: Functional knowledge of foreign languages in hospitality sector in Croatia

Daniela Fantoni Alvares: Tourism innovation and best practices in Brazil and Portugal: Competitiveness and sustainability

Mahfuzuar Rahman Barbhuiya, Devlina Chatterjee: Resilience in tourism of two Indian cities to natural disasters: A case study

Sanda Čorak, Snježana Boranić Živoder: Sport tourism: Is it sustainable and does it contribute to community wellbeing?

Esti Venske: Industry perspectives on contemporary trends in the MICE sector of Cape Town’s tourism industry

Gema Ramírez Guerrero, Javier Garcia Onetti, Manuel Arcila Garrido, Adolfo Chica Ruiz, David Benítez López, María De Andrés García : Concrete heritage from of 20th century: Ecosystem services approach for its valuing and tourist use. Application in the Zarzuela racecourse

Hrvoje Mataković: Seasonality of crime in Croatia – a relationship with tourism

Nataša Slavić, Tomislav Car: Are Croatian smart cities also smart destinations?

Krzysztof Borodako, Jadwiga Berbeka, Michał Rudnicki: The technological dimension of innovation orientation in Polish business tourism firms

Daniela Garbin Praničević, Ante Mandić: ICTs in hospitality industry: Importance-Performance analysis of the small and family owned hotels

Sara Melkić, Nevenka Čavlek: The impact of blockchain technology on tourism intermediation

Munei Nengovhela, Muganda Ochara: The influence of smart tourism on destination choice: A case of City of Tshwane, South Africa

12:00 - 12:30

Coffee break - Lobby of conference hall MARE 1

12:30 - 14:00 Parallel session

Steve Butts: The bubble saver: An (unintended) example of the use of experience economy to further public health policy and behavioural changes

Zvjezdana Hendija, Anđela Vuković: A critical analysis of the possibilities to include persons with disabilities in tourism in Croatia

Lana Brezak, Romana Lekić, Izidora Marković Vukadin: Can volunturism become a chance for development of underdeveloped areas of Croatia?

Damir Krešić, Izidora Marković Vukadin, Josip Mikulić: Tourism for all: Development potentials for inclusive and accessible tourism in Croatia

Magdeline Malesini Maombe, Ndivhuwo Tshipala, Tondani Madzunye: Expenditure patterns of students at tourists attractions in Vhembe District Municipality

Daniela Soldić Frleta, Dora Smolčić Jurdana: Insights into differences in residents’ attitudes: Tourism impacts and support for future development

Tomislav Klarin, Božena Krce Miočić, Gabrijela Vidić: Residents’ attitudes towards the impacts of tourism: Case from Croatian urban destinations

Marijana Galić, Lejla Dizdarević, Almir Peštek: Factors creating attitudes of population toward ttourism development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zoran Klarić, Zrinka Marušić, Izidora Marković Vukadin, Renata Tomljenović, Siniša Horak: Carrying Capacity as a tool for adressing Overtourism

Rofhiwa Khashane: The local communities’ perceptions on the role and benefits of tourism in the protected areas: A case of the Kruger national park

Syed Asghar Mehdi, Syeeda Khatoon: An enquiry into community capacity for destination building for Himalayan tourism

Ana Portolan, Monika Olivari: The service quality satisfaction in peer-to-peer (P2P) accommodation facilities: The case of Dubrovnik

Sarah Schaefer, Manuela Guerreiro, Júlio Mendes, Eugénia Ferreira: Tourism destination attractiveness: Perspectives of tourists and residents about the Algarve

Ivana Pavlić, Barbara Puh, Ljubica Mišković: The perception of travellers and the World heritage site image

Silvija Vitner Marković, Tihana Cegur Radović, Ivana Varičak: Environmental attitudes and behavior of the visitors of Karlovac Spring Promenades

Hrvoje Carić, Ana Perišić: Visitor perception of National park Krka

Omar Jawabreh: Mutual impact between tourism and the host community: A case study Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA)

Ivonne Andrea Sánchez Hernández: Exploring indicators effectivity to communicate sustainability at accommodations sustainability reports

Nevenka Čavlek, Vanja Krajinović, Antonio Vlahov: Evolution of tour operators’ sustainable practices: From neglecting responsibility towards embracing policies

Kristina Brščić, Luis Prats Planaguma, Antonio Raschi, Valentina Marchi, Tina Šugar, Katarina Lovrečić, Danijela Poljuha: Can indicators for sustainable tourism improve tourism planning on the coastal destinations? – Empirical evidence from Catalonia, Istrian Region and Tuscany Region

Kristina Bučar, Derek Van Rheenen, Zvjezdana Hendija: Eco labeling in tourism – the disconnect between theory and practice

Elochukwu A. Nwankwo: Thistle or pop-sock?
Domestic transport and travellers safety in Nigeria

14:00 - 16:00

Lunch - Elafiti Restaurant - 7th floor

16:00 - 16:30 Keynote 5

Irena Ateljević: Transforming our (tourism) world: How to walk our sustainability talk? - Conference hall MARE 1

16:30 - 17:00

Conference closing - Conference hall MARE 1

20:00 - 24:00

Gala dinner - Conference hall MARE 1

9 November 2019 - SATURDAY - DAY 3

9:00 - 15:00

Organized excursion - Konavle - Starting point - entrance to the Palace Hotel